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Kia Ora World,

What isn’t better when it’s covered in chocolate? Here at The Chocolate Barn crafting the world’s greatest chocolate pairings is now our life’s work. At the studio we specialise in chocolate coating (OK, so technically it’s called chocolate ‘panning’) using our own blend of high cocoa percentage dark and milk chocolates all of which are 100% free from palm oil, because we think the world has already lost too many virgin forests to palm oil plantations! 

Also palm oil boosts bad cholesterol which is known to be a risk factor for heart disease.

Our Philosophy

Every pouch that leaves The Chocolate Barn is handcrafted with passion so you can share our love of handcrafted chocolate products. We’re looking forward to you trying them and becoming as obsessed as we are! Enjoy!

Team The Chocolate Bar

Made from scratch and delivered to our stores and customers fresh from the studio!

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