Our Chocolate

So what makes our chocolate products so special? And how do we make sure that they’re as close to perfect they possibly can be? Well, every step of the way we’re obsessing over the smallest of details. By minding the little things we ensure that everything comes together to make one very good big (well, bigger at least) thing indeed - and that’s the chocolate products that leave our factory for you to enjoy!

Here's a rundown into just what sets The Chocolate Barn's chocolates apart...


They're Handcrafted

All our chocolate confections are crafted using only premium European couverture chocolate, in micro batches (that's smaller than small) using only fresh ingredients in our dedicated chocolate studio. What's "couverture"? That's chocolate made with extra cocoa butter to give a high gloss so perfect for confectionery!


hand crafted

We pack everything by hand

Produced only in micro batches following Good Manufacturing Practices (a system for "ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards") everything we produce is carefully packed by hand.


Pure, Natural Goodness

What's in there? Premium Belgium Chocolate (we think it’s the best you can find) and all natural ingredients, fruits, nuts and berries. We do everything in our power to ensure we’re using only the best ingredients – like whole macadamias and almonds (not fragments) and organically grown goji berries.



What's Not In There...

No unexpected nasties or surprises whatsoever! You won't find any preservatives, pesticides, GMO’s (genetically modified organisms), irradiation, high fructose corn syrup, sulfites, imitations, gluten additives or anything else with a number and a name that's hard to read and just plain not required for great, NATURAL taste!

We're Locals Supporting Locals

Wherever we can we source our ingredients from local supplier, For example, our macadamia nuts come from neighbouring farmers. It’s our way not only of supporting fellow, local businesses but also our way of proudly representing our little corner of New Zealand on the global stage.

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