Our Story

Respectively an engineer and a microbiologist by trade, Team Chocolate Barn are now chocolatier and coffee roaster by choice! That’s our story. For the best part of 30 years we travelled the world chasing our previous obsessions of surfing, kitesurfing, snowboarding and paragliding. Life was all about searching for the perfect wave, snow capped mountain, waiting for the next gust of wind or climbing a steep slope for that once-in-a-lifetime leap into the unknown.
On those adrenaline fuelled journeys we were lucky to meet so many people who enthusiastically shared their favourite meals and drinks with us, filled with exotic flavours and aromas. This planted a seed of inspiration deep within us, and years later after moving from Europe to settle in Waipu, New Zealand we began to recollect those recipes from an earlier time and the idea to create something unique and special to share them was born leading to the founding of The Chocolate Barn, closely followed by Epic Coffee (check our our sister company here).

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